Indoor Salt Water and Heated Pool – Swimming Classes For Dog

Dive into a world of aquatic bliss! Our Green Emerald pool, equipped with cutting-edge technology including heating equipment, ensures a comfortable water temperature that promotes blood circulation and keeps your dog warm. With a saltwater system, it offers a gentle and odorless swimming experience while providing excellent skin care. Crafted from stone, our pool maintains a neutral pH level, making it resistant to microorganisms, while the high friction surface ensures slip resistance. Experience the perfect training environment for your dog or puppy, protecting their joints, preventing injuries, and offering natural resistance for strength and endurance training.

Water is also the perfect training element for your dog and puppy as it prevents injury, protects the joints and provides a natural resistance for strength and endurance training.

Below are the swimming classes that we have curated

1.Basic Swimming Lesson – Introduction to Swimming

In this basic swimming lesson, we help your dog by introducing them gradually into the water and make it an enjoyable session for your dog to swim. We will also be teaching your dog, proper swimming posture and techniques to help them to swim effectively and confidently.

2. Personal Training Aqua Fit Session

With our professional trainer by your dog side, our trainers will ensure your dog to achieve their physical goal such as building muscle mass or gaining muscle strength in an enjoyable and positive experience.

3. Dock Diving 

We have a dock diving facility for water dog lovers to explore further into dog water sports. Dock diving can boost your dog confidence and is also an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your pet through play while getting a good workout.

4. Group Aqua Fit Workout with Families

Our group Aqua Fit Classes are accessible to dogs and their families who are keen to improve their physical wellbeing and also to engage in a fun activity with their dog. Our vibrant and motivated trainers will help you and your dog to enjoy the session.

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