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    All our puppies are from true heritage bloodline and they have excellent temperament. Check out our available puppies

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Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog is a large breed of dog that emerged in England from early types of herding dog. Old English Sheep dog, are smart, friendly, great with children and their bubbly character makes you fall in love immediately.

Hypoallergenic: Low Shedding

Size: 27kg – 45 kg

All our puppies are obedience trained, toilet trained, excellent temperament and great with children and old couples.

About Us

(AVS License: AS19F0030) We specialise in Old English Sheepdog in Singapore. We have been working with dogs more than a decades and we know our puppies temperament so well and what they will be. Therefore we know what kind of puppy you are looking for. With our temperament assessment and training, our puppy will be the dog you always ever wanted.

Ouf puppies are raise with lots of love in a lovely family with kids that love them like their own. We work on early socialising and also obedience training from young to groom them to be the most lovely and good temperament puppy.

Our mission is to provide top quality care and educational system to our dogs. We aim to promote Old English Sheepdog  here in Singapore and also share their historic traits. We want our dogs to be your best friend, not a pet dog that stay at home all the time! But a friend that can follow you to the beach and enjoy the activities together with you.

Puppies parents are carefully bred to ensure their puppies are clear from genetic problem. Due to our strict code of ethics, we only bring in 10 dogs per year.

We advocate responsible ownership and all our potential puppy owners will have to go through a strict background check …

Our Partner – Lagotto Loft

Lagotto loft is a dog training centre that specialise in Lagotto Romagnolo also known as Italian Water Dog. The Lagotto Romagnolo is an extremely rare breed from the 15th centuries,  they are medium size dog ranging from 13kg – 18kg and have hypoallergenic coat.

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